Who is responsible for road maintenance in our subdivision?

We are under the jurisdiction of the Talbot County Road Maintenance Department at 410-770-8150.

A neighbor leaves their dog in the yard barking all day long, and sometimes through the night as well. Where can I get assistance with this matter?

Call Talbot County Animal Control (410) 823-0107 and they will be glad to help you.

My mailbox was vandalized. How and to whom do I report it?

Problems with vandalism, theft, trespassing, etc. should be reported to the Talbot County Sheriff's Office at 410-822-1020.

What can we do to get Talbot County to correct Rio Vista's ditches so that they drain properly when there is a heavy rain?

Notify the County Public Works Department at 410-770-8170.  They will remove silt and debris from around the culverts and improve the drainage where possible.  Some drainage problems cannot be corrected due to homeowner modifications or obstructions such as a cable TV line.  In these cases, you should contact the homeowner directly.

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