Rio Vista Real Estate

Located just outside the historic town of St. Michaels, Rio Vista Subdivision is a community of 215+ lots/homes. Development of the neighborhood began in 1954 and has continued over the decades. Cove View Drive was first paved in 1985, while Monroe and Tyler Avenues came into being in the early 1990’s. The presence of both inland and waterfront lots further adds to the diversity of the neighborhood. Rio Vista is fortunate to have both a community pier and boat ramp located on Spencer Creek and the picnic area located on the Miles River for all the residents to enjoy.

 Rio Vista’s Realtor Review
(May - July)

  1221 Washington Dr.     $199,000
  403 Lincoln Ave.           $269,900
  304 Cove View Dr. #8A  $355,000
  1023 Monroe Ave.         $539,000
  1014 Riverview Terr       $649,000

  1112 Jefferson Ave.       $439,000

  1109 Jefferson Ave.       $249,900
  215 Tyler Ave.               $369,000

  1030 Riverview Terr       $1,800 


 What Buyers Look For When Viewing Properties 

Wow Factor: You want your property to be like a good movie. As soon as they walk into your house they should be interested for more.  This should start with the physical door itself. If the front door is old and outdated, a new door can make a world of difference. From there, look at the walls by the entry. A nice mirror, a new shelf or even something as small as a coat rack can make a buyer feel at home. That is one of the   secret keys to getting a home sold. The more buyers can envision themselves in the property, the greater chance they will make an offer. Walk into your property and see if there is a wow factor when you enter. If not, you need to add something that makes a buyer want to keep looking.

     Updates:  Start with the kitchen. In a recent poll, the kitchen was the one room in the house that most buyers want updated.  Update the floor, countertops, cabinets, stove and appliances in line with the area. The next area of focus should be the bathroom. For as little time as people spend in the bathroom it is an important selling point in a home. Look for updates to the vanity, flooring, sink and possibly the toilet itself.  Curb appeal: If the front yard and landscaping is a mess, it may not matter what the interior looks like. There is a lot that comes into play with the exterior. Start by looking at the physical property itself. Neutral Colors: Even if you think it is boring, buyers like neutral colors on the walls and even floors. These colors provide a canvas for buyers to make any changes they see fit With the right updates you will get a higher price, but do not over improve, make sure they fit the house, location and your price range.

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