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Curb Appeal


Our Curb Appeal  & Landscape Committee is charged with enforcing Article 15 of the Deed And Agreement (the document that created Rio Vista and is referenced in all our deeds). Article 15 requires the owner of each lot to maintain their lot “in a neat, safe and sanitary condition keeping it clear of high grass and weeds. All empty tin cans, bottles and other unsightly rubbish must be kept concealed or from public view while on the premises and shall be removed by the owner at intervals not exceeding 30 days.” The Curb Appeal Committee routinely drives or walks through the community for the purpose of identifying lots that are non-compliant and lots that are exemplary. Contacts are made with owners in both cases.


The Curb Appeal & Landscape Committee welcomes information about high grass, debris, and other unsightly rubbish that is located in the back of lots and not visible from the street. The committee works with parcel owners to help them bring their parcel into compliance. Our ultimate goal is to keep Rio Vista a neat, clean, pleasant, and inviting community.