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Rio Vista is a lovely and friendly place where neighbors take pride in and enjoy our community’s peaceful beauty year-round.  Rio Vista’s governing documents, the Deed and Agreement and By-Laws contain important rules to maintain our great quality of life.  As a reminder, Rio Vista does not permit property owners or tenants to rent their properties to week-end or other short-term vacationers.  This includes rentals using VRBO, AirBNB, HomeAway and other internet sites, vacation rental agencies, realtors or rentals by the property owner directly to individuals.

 Property owners may enter into leases to long-term tenants if the lease period is one year or more.
*Sub-leasing for less than one year is not permitted under any circumstances. 
*The Architectural Committee will review plans that suggest short-term rentals
          or, guest houses are being planned and may deny approval.

Please contact a member of the Rio Vista Board of Governors if you have any questions. Click on Jack Davis' link to connect to the Rio Vista Board.
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News & Announcements

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