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Frequently Asked Questions


We are under the jurisdiction of the Talbot County Road Maintenance Department at 410-770-8150.

Call Talbot County Animal Control (410) 823-0107 and they will be glad to help you.

Animals impounded for running at large may be reclaimed during office hours Monday-Saturday.   Boarding fees are not accrued on days Talbot Humane is closed to the public.

Animals seized for violation of a Talbot County Animal Control Board Abatement Order, violation of state or county dangerous or vicious animal laws, or violation of state anti-cruelty laws will not be reclaimed until the administrative or criminal investigation has been completed.

Problems with vandalism, theft, trespassing, etc. should be reported to the Talbot County Sheriff's Office at 410-822-1020.

Notify the County Public Works Department at 410-770-8170.  They will remove silt and debris from around the culverts and improve the drainage where possible.  Some drainage problems cannot be corrected due to homeowner modifications or obstructions such as a cable TV line.  In these cases, you should contact the homeowner directly.